Monday, February 17, 2014


The Lord has been gracious to provide... a phrase that we believe has marked our adoption journey.  It is with GREAT JOY and an OVERWHELMING sense of AWE that we share the following news...

Saturday evening we received a call from our adoption agency telling us about a little boy in need of placement.  The agency director began to tell us the story of OUR SON.  We listened eagerly and felt a peace that he was the one we’ve been waiting for.  We were asked to take some time praying through the situation, in which we completely agreed.  We were absolutely shocked, excited, terrified, and at peace all at the same time.  That night we prayed, telling no one but our Father, and as we did, that peace remained.  Before going to bed we prayed that the Lord would make it clear if this precious boy would be our son and specifically asked God to give us a dream to confirm this.  Well God is faithful to answer the prayers of His children...that night Isaiah had a dream of God stamping (much like in a court case stamping approved) the word “PROVISION”.  He felt God was saying this is my way of providing.  In the morning we looked up names that meant “the Lord will provide” and wouldn’t you guess a name came together that we would never have expected...

So this Tuesday we have the privilege of bringing our son home: Ezekiel Jackson (which together means: the Lord has been gracious to provide).  God has ordered each step in this long process and we marvel at His careful attention to details (i.e. flooding of our house a month ago and everything being finished and put back into place literally 10 minutes before we got the call:)).  

We have been overwhelmed by the community God has surrounded us with and we are SO EXCITED to add Ezekiel into the mix.

We covet your prayers as we adjust to loving, nurturing, and caring for our new son!  Although we cannot wait for you all to see him, we will not be able to post pictures over email or internet until the adoption is finalized. 

With grateful hearts,
The Whelpleys


  1. Cannot wait! God is so good!

  2. Louis and Elise MartinezFebruary 17, 2014 at 9:59 AM

    HOOORAAAYYY!!!!! Thank God for His kindness and favor. Can't wait to hear more when Ezekiel arrives. Will be praying

  3. I am in tears and so so excited for you! GOD IS SO FAITHFUL!!! HALLELUJAH!!!

  4. So happy for you .. remember IN HIS TIME!! can't wait to meet EZEKIEL JACKSON!! Blessings.

  5. So happy for you guys! You will be awesome parents!! God bless all of you!!

  6. What a perfect answer to so many prayers! Cannot wait to see and hear more. Much love and prayers for your sweet family. - the Rhoads family

  7. So excited to see God's plan continue for your family! We are so excited for you and your family!! The Evans family

  8. I,m so happy for you 2 but even more happy for that child for the lord is delivering him in to the hands of such love. The spirit radiates around and thru you both . love you guys