Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Adoption Profile

Our agency asks each adopting family to make an "Adoption Profile" (scrapbook) for the birthparents to see.  These books provide information for the birthparents about the adoptive parents; giving them a glimpse into the daily routines, families, friends, and activities.  Our agency only works with 20 adoptive couples at a time so when birthparents come in they are given these books to look through to help them choose a family for their child.  Since there are so many who have supported us on this journey who live far way we thought we would post our's here for everyone to see.  The resolution isn't great (and you probably won't be able to read our writing) but you at least have an idea of what we've been working on for about two months.

You can also download the video here to see it up close!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pregnant with No Due Date

Praise God for His FAITHFUL provision!  We reached our financial goal!  Thank you to all of you who bought a t-shirt, came to our benefit, helped with garage sales, donated money, and supported us through prayer and friendship.  We are amazed that the part that seemed the most daunting...the finances...has actually been the least of our worries thus far.  We have seen the money not just trickle in, but flood in!  Continually we are filled with gratitude and reminded once again that God funds what He favors!!  Adoption is at the center of His heart! 

Any day now we should hear word from our social worker that we are on the waiting list.  Last night we finished and ordered our profile book which is a scrapbook that the birth-parents look through to help choose the adoptive parents.  Now we are finished with all paperwork, scrapbooks, interviews, fund-raising, etc, and we just wait, hope, and TRUST that God is bringing our child(ren) to us. 

If the birth mom wants to meet us, we will be able to walk along side her in her pregnancy.  But if she'd rather not meet us, we could literally find out the day of, or day before we go to get our baby.  In the meantime we will begin to prepare our hearts, prepare the room, and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!  In a way we are pregnant, but just don't know when we are expecting.  Since there are no physical signs, there is no acknowledgement of us being "pregnant", but our hearts are pregnant with anticipation to meet our precious child.