:our adoption journey:

Our Adoption Journey

We officially wanted to expand our family 3-4 years into our marriage.  We both desired to have children and openly discussed wanting to adopt at some point, but only after we had what Isaiah called, "originals".  It was several months of trying without success that our hopes and faith began to dwindle.  The next few years were full of hoping and praying for a child.  During this time we also entered the "baby" stage with our friends and saw God author life for them;  it seemed so easy and quick for them.  These times brought great joy as we watched our friends' families grow.  Obviously, there were many moments of crying out to the Lord for a child of our own.  It was in this time that Jesus, and the good news He brings, became an even greater anchor.  This is the most amazing part of the story...the Gospel began to penetrate areas of our hearts it had never been.  We began to see the hand and timing of God to be perfect.  Isaiah was reminded of the creation story (Genesis 1) in which he noticed the intention and layering effect God used.  Humanity was the climatic creation piece, but was not created first.  God had to create a place for Adam and Eve.  This reality struck home; God had the same intention for our family.  God knows our children and knows the exact times and places individuals should live (Acts 17:26-27).  His goal of placing us in specific locations and generations (kindergarten classrooms, school mates, sports teams, churches, neighborhoods, future spouses) was all for the sole purpose that, "men would seek Him and perhaps reach out for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us."  We began to pray that our children would be added to our family in the "fullness of time" (Galatians 4:4; Ephesians 1:10).

After 3 years of trying to get pregnant we decided to seek medical advice.  After several appointments, tests, and procedures, the doctors came back saying, "there's no reason you shouldn't be pregnant".  The doctors suggested a variety of  options but we knew the option for us would be adoption.  Though we knew we wanted to adopt, we still found ourselves a little apprehensive.  The paperwork and money seemed to be almost too much for us.  This caused us to sincerely seek God's guidance in making our path clear.

Mother's Day (2011)
As Mother's Day approached, Kat was overwhelmed by the thought of another year passing without being a mother.  On the Tuesday prior to Mother's Day, Kat cried out to the Lord to make it clear if we should begin the process.  On Wednesday one of Kat's kindergarteners raised her hand and said something to this affect, "Mrs. Whelpley, last night I dreamt that we were all at an orphanage and we were the orphans.  You adopted me for $2.00."  This was incredibly insightful since Kat had not shared with her students that we wanted to adopt.  We both felt this was a clear nudging and knew we had $2.00 ;). We slept well that night trusting God would provide for us as we stepped out in faith.  The story doesn't end there...on Thursday a friend approached Kat (who knew we were wanting to adopt) and handed her a check for $5,000.  At this point the door had been swung fully open!  God is AMAZINGLY GRACIOUS as He looked on us in our distress to encourage us in this and with such a clear resounding "YES, go for it"! 

Plan "A" we didn't See
As things began to come together Kat and I had the opportunity to share at our church on a Sunday morning about adoption and that we were starting the process.  We also spoke of our Adoption into the family of God that takes place through Jesus (who purchased us and legally justified all God required).  Later that day a friend from our church said that it was a great plan "B" for us to adopt.  Immediately, and without much thought Isaiah responded..."nope, it's the plan 'A' we didn't see."  It was a moment of reaction, but as we thought about our biblical Adoption we clearly saw Jesus' death and resurrection was not God's plan "B".  God wasn't caught off guard by the sin in the garden.  Jesus was always meant to be our Sacrifice.  Whether or not Kat carries a baby we are convinced adopting this future child is God's plan "A" for us...we just never saw it.  Funny how that works...

2012 to Present
After diligently researching the right adoption agency, we have chosen Amazing Grace Adoptions. We are filling out paperwork, reading books, attending conferences, praying, and waiting.  We are almost finished with our second round of paperwork.  From here, we will meet with a social worker for our home study (aka pre-placement assessment) and then do more waiting for a birth mother and/or father to choose us.


  1. This is an amazing journey for you. Thank you for sharing. I know that not only will you be blessed by the amazing grace of Jesus, but so many others will be blessed by your willingness to be open.

  2. Plan A = ADOPTION -- it was God's Plan A for us as well! You will be amazed at how God will answer your prayers.

    mother of 3, all of whom were adopted