Sunday, April 22, 2012

Brushstrokes & Lyrics Recap

Brushstrokes & Lyrics Recap
If you were able to attend Brushstrokes and Lyrics you were part of an amazing evening in which Jesus was magnified, truth was revealed, and the heart of the Father was present.  Thank you to ALL those who played a part through attending, helping, and prayer.  You helped us raise over $6,000! WOW!  We have almost reached our goal of $24,000...another WOW!  It was less than a year ago that God made it clear He wanted us to adopt.  At that point we had $0 saved to pay for an adoption.  In less than 12 months we have seen over $20,000 come in through the generosity firstly of God (He owns the cattle on a thousand hills) and secondly through our friends and family.  Tonight was so much fun!  We couldn't believe how many people came through...we estimate there were around 200+.

If you weren't able to make it here's a snapshot of what went down:
-raffles from an ipod touch, jewelry, exercise classes, lawn       services, etc.
-silent auction (3 night, 4 day stay at a cabin in Beech Mountain)
-bake goods sale
-puzzle...donations to purchase a piece of the puzzle that helps place our baby in our family
-custom made t-shirts (there are more left so you can order online...see info below)
-food plate (hot dogs)
-local artwork
-homemade accessories
-Thirty-One items (25% of the proceeds goes towards our adoption). Click here for website.
-children's art lesson by Lara & Jill's Art.  For more info and summer camp info click here.
-live music
-adoption video (interviews with adopted children)
-around 200 people laughing, talking, eating, and hearing about our Adoption into God's family

A verse that has been highlighted for us in the last week is Matthew 6:33 that says, "But seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you."  As we focus our attention on the great King things fall in place in their proper order.  The money that has come in throughout this year is a direct testimony of this.  We are so underserving and easily distracted but God in His great kindness has purposed in His will to provide for us not only monetarily, but through deep and intentional community.  We are so humbled! 


You can now order your t-shirts for $25 (includes shipping) online.  Click here, designate your payment as Whelpley Adoption T-Shirt, fill out the required fields, and we will contact you for sizes and shipping address.  

so what does the shirt mean?
We have been getting this question a lot...which is what we were hoping for!  The numbers in each state identify how many orphans are available to be adopted (meaning parental rights have been signed over to the state).  Since we are adopting from North Carolina we have colored it in showing there will be one less child in our state through our adoption.  People are also asking, so how many are in North Carolina...another great question.  There over 2,700 children waiting for the call to be placed in a family.  Just in Wake County alone there are about 80.  We are praying and trusting the Lord that these shirts will help raise awareness of the plight of orphans whether domestically or internationally.  If you'd like more information on orphan care please go to our resource page.  It's limited info, but it will point in the right direction.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Minus One T-Shirts

Minus One shirts will go on sale at Brush Strokes & Lyrics.  Brush Strokes & Lyrics is an adoption benefit hosted by Freeway Church. They are $20 each ($5 extra if outside of NC for shipping).  If you're outside of NC and want to order a shirt email me at  We have adult men, adult women cuts, and kids sizes!  See invitation below for more information on this great family event!

Brush Strokes & Lyrics Adoption Benefit

Brush Strokes & Lyrics is an adoption benefit hosted by Freeway Church.  It is a family event focused on adoption through the arts.  Come and support a cause close to the Father's heart.